SlipIns Dive Wear

SlipIns, the company, lives in the heart of the surfing and exercise here in Southern California.

For that reason, SlipIns is perfectly positioned to be in tune with all the activities that these garments are ideally suited for;

  • SlipIns are bold, beautifully designed, sexy creations that will enhance your active lifestyle in fun and useful ways.
  • SlipIns protect you from sun “over exposure” with a 60+ UPF rating.
  • SlipIns support your musculature for more successful activity and exersion.
  • SlipIns make getting in to that pesky, troublesome wetsuit a breeze.
  • SlipIns keep you protected from underwater abrasions and stinging critters.
  • SlipIns are all about fashion, fun, and function.

We live in a land full of active people who love to look great. SlipIns help to make you look beautiful and feel fabulous.

Everybody enjoys a little attention and SlipIns can help you achieve that psychological gratification.

So, be bold and have fun because life is an adventure and meant to be enjoyed. SlipIns let you raise life’s fun factor.


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November 17, 2019

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