Isn’t it time to experience something really different?

Isn’t it time for a different destination?  Saba is an island like no other.  Unspoiled island, protected nature, fantastic diving–AND easy to get to from DC…Really!  Dive to our walls, dropoffs, seamounts and pinnacles but really look forward to an island that is proud to tell you what we don’t have: –no high rise hotels, no crowds, no mosquitoes, no traffic. Saba celebrates 30 years of protection of 30 dives sites, 20 hiking trails. Discover our old world charm but with a touch of luxury. 7-night Dive packages from $1000-$1500–from eco to luxury, house/villa rentals and more.

And speaking of friendly, Saba, unlike some Caribbean islands, is considered to be quite liberal minded from race to religious beliefs to sexual orientation.

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August 13, 2019

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