SCUBA Diving Sales, Service, and Training Facility

Coral Edge Adventures is one of the Mid-Atlantic and Washington D.C. area’s largest SCUBA retail and dive training facility. CEA has over 35,000 inventoried items in stock and ready to go. Since 2010 our Professional Dive Team has been training beginner and experienced divers along with educating all our customers on dive gear and equipment.

The knowledgeable staff at Coral Edge Adventures provide all of the services needed by both recreational and technical divers alike. Services include hydro-testing, multiple gas mixing, and all types of equipment maintenance and service. We also provide basic SCUBA training through professional level dive training. We now offer CCR and eSCR rebreather training on several of the best rebreather systems including rEVO, Prism 2, and the Explorer (eSCR).  Our retail store has a very large selection of diving equipment and accessories in-stock and ready to go. Our online store has just as much to select from and most is shipped free throughout the United States. Visit CEA’s web page.


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July 6, 2018

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