Sponsor a Friend: Learn to Scuba Dive

Bring a friend into Scuba Diving!

At first thought,
learning to breathe underwater is thrilling and so foreign.
Once you experience this you begin to understand
what the great explorer Jacques Cousteau
meant when he said…

“The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

At the show you will meet individuals under this spell.
See how scuba divers enjoy their vacations exploring the waters locally and around the world.

US Dive Shows wants you under this spell.
As a non-diver we are offering seminars just for you.

If you attend one of these seminars
you will meet scuba diving instructors who can tell you all about diving.

The Show will be issuing FREE Discover Diving gift certificates
so you can experience breathing and swimming underwater
at a pool near where you live.

Download a list of the scuba retailers who are supporting this program and learn to scuba dive! Open a GOOGLE Map of Local Scuba Retailers.

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