Tim Macrone began diving in 1999, it was his high school graduation gift.  He began working at Underwater World, in Horsham, Pa in 2002, and since his first day there, he was hooked.  He always loved servicing on the equipment, and began taking equipment manufacturers repair clinics and has been working on just about every piece of gear since. He’s a certified technician for every manufacturer, including a Master Technician for Aqualung.  Tim services hundreds of regulators a year along with BC’s, drysuits, tanks, and just about every piece of gear. Along with being a full-time technician, Tim also manages Underwater World’s retail store full-time and is a staff NAUI Instructor, becoming one in 2008 at the shop.  Scuba equipment is his true passion and loves talking about all pieces of gear with everyone!
Tim Macrone
Underwater World
495 Easton Road
Horsham, Pa 19044
(215) 672-4180

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