Michael Eversmier

Michael grew up in Maryland around the Chesapeake Bay which inspired his interest in aquatic life. Despite the Chesapeake’s murky waters, his desire to explore grew when in 1978 when he learned to scuba dive. By 1982 he was sharing his passion for the underwater world with others through teaching and photography. In 1990, Michael and his wife Maureen started their own business, Aqua Ventures, which specializes in scuba training, local diving adventures and dive travel vacations. In 2002, Michael became one a small group of scuba instructors around the world to receive Scuba Schools International’s highest teaching award, the Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor Award and a few years later the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Award.
When not teach other to dive, a lot of his time is spent with cameras in hand in the challenging waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic region boldly going were few photographers have gone before. Michael’s underwater images have been used for environmental awareness and education about the Chesapeake Bay and displayed in local photography shows, websites, publications and presentations.

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