John-WalkerJohn Walker’s love of the ocean and scuba diving began during childhood, born by the spark of his imagination. Books including 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Moby Dick and television shows like “Sea Hunt” fueled John’s imagination as he explored local creeks and ponds wearing his first set of “scuba gear” fabricated out of milk containers by his mother.

John Walker took his first giant stride into the underwater world in 1976 when he became a certified scuba diver. With every dive John made, he knew that he wanted to share his love of the underwater realm and his appreciation for the sport of scuba diving with others. On the pillars of safety, education, and the excitement of diving, John established the Lancaster Scuba Center in 1993. John has been involved in teaching scuba diving for more than twenty years and has been a PADI Scuba Instructor for more than fifteen years. John feels privileged to have had a chance to dive the Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon, assist archaeologists on sunken vessels off New Jersey, swim with reef sharks in the Caribbean, and experience countless other unforgettable underwater activities.

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