Amos is a wildlife photographer and explorer. He began his photography career as a fashion and war photographer in his homeland in Israel. Amos started his diving and underwater photography in the Red Sea.

For 40 years, Amos has pursued his quest to dispel the myth of “dangerous wildlife” and to show harmonious interactions between man and big animals. He is fearless about pioneering new ways to bring people to experience close encounters with anaconda, orcas, and leopard seal. Amos aims his camera and expeditions to inspire awareness about the threatened and endangered species to promote their conservation

Amos latest wildlife experience was diving and photographing Polar bear mother and two cubs, safely. That epic peaceful encounter was documented in a movie about his career…12 people landed on the moon only five people dive with Polar bears

Amos is also a professional speakers who did two Ted X events. He is also a winning photographer who has won Awards with Nikon, American photographer of the year award, Diver of the year in 2015, twice won the BBC Wildlife photographer of the year award for animal behavior category, the Lucie award for underwater photography, Best of show, American Photography Agency, 2016 and 2017 in Magnum competition.

Amos is a man driven to exceed limits.

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