February 22, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Room 306
WWII; 75 Years After... The Solomons Islands - Greg Piper @ Room 306
“What They Left Us”
Truk Lagoon 75 years later
Greg Piper is an award-winning underwater and nature photographer based in Washington, DC. His images have graced the pages of the world’s top diving and nature publications. In the past ten years, he has visited Truk Lagoon 16 times to document the world’s largest collection or wartime sunk wrecks. Piper has logged over 1500 dives in the Lagoon and hopes his documentation of These Wrecks will encourage a deeper sense of responsibility to the developing marine environment as well as renew respect to this iconic resting place. Keep up with Piper and his forthcoming work at www.gregpiperart.com and on Instagram at @gregpiperarts 

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