February 23, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Room 303
Shipwreck Research Workshop- Erik Petkovic & John Stella @ Room 303

Shipwreck Research Workshop

Interested in researching a shipwreck? Not sure where to start? This two hour session focuses on shipwreck research. Expert Erik Petkovic delves into the basics of shipwreck research.

  • covering the differences between primary and secondary research
  • the researcher’s essential library
  • historic newspapers
  • the National Archives system, museums, online sources
  • photos, images and copyright
  • and the FOIA process.

Erik uses fascinating stories and specific examples to make you more comfortable starting this intimidating research process. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or historian looking for a review, a wreck hunter looking for a new process, or a beginner looking to start delving into the wrecks you dive, this seminar is an opportunity to learn with an expert.


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