ALL Virtual US Dive Show

February 19, 20 & 21, 2021


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This Pay-Per-View Movie is a great way to bring some real adventure into your home for a movie the whole family will enjoy.

It’s a story of how the greatest adventures are when you face challenges and overcome fears.

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Featured Guest

We always feature wonderful guest presenters at the DC Dive Show.

As every year our primary focus is adventures but this year we are adding a special look at underwater photography.

Sunday workshops will focus on the special techniques from top class photographers.

Show Exhibitors

Visit our exhibitors web pages for their latest information.

Our All Virtual Show in February 2021 will have exhibitors from around the world. It will even include live feed broadcasts from some of the coolist places in the world.

Find Your Local Scuba Retailer

Contact your local scuba retailer for information, scuba gear, lessons and travel.

Sponsor a Friend as a new scuba diver. We offer special gift certificates for discover scuba sessions at local retailers.

Answer our questionaire on what got you into scuba diving.

Exploring the Polar Regions

In February 2020 we featured two great explorers!


Jill Heinerth and Amos Nachoum will make presentations on their explorations of the Polar Regions. Amos the first to capture images of polar bears swimming, has made numerous expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Jill will tell stories of being first to cave dive into an iceberg. Both consider these regions a frontier and some of the best diving this planet offers.

Featured Exhibitors

dc dive show starts on February 20, 2021








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